CrossRoads Counseling Ministries  is a Christ-centered ministry which offers professional counseling and educational services. The governing board is composed of Christians who share the common goal of acting out God’s love.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT:  We unite the presence of Jesus Christ and the healing power of God’s Word with professional counseling in addressing the conflicts of life.

To the end, our goal is to utilize the God-given resources which He has prepared for us as a means of bringing healing and wholeness and new life into being. We always strive to help each person to recognize, accept, and learn how to live more confidently, joyfully, and successfully with the issues in their lives which are creating such difficulty.

Absolute confidentiality is always maintained

Office Hours: 

​Days     Tue, Wed, Thurs

Hours   11:00 AM - 7:00 PM ET

In addition to in-office sessions, we now offer phone and video sessions.  Please call our office during business hours for more information.

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