CrossRoads offers a unique blend of professional counseling and other resources from within the body of Christ. 

The Good Samaritan Support Program
The Good Samaritan Support Program was established to connect financial and prayer support for our clients.

The program relies on the contributions from private donors, businesses/corporations, churches, and grant money. CrossRoads does not receive any government assistance or insurance reimbursement. This allows us to be unrestricted in our mission of providing distinctively Christian counseling to help people put their lives back together. But in today’s tough economic times, more and more of our clients are in need of financial support to offset the cost of counseling services.

As a Good Samaritan you will also be given the opportunity to provide prayer support for an individual (no names will be given) during the year. This prayer support brings comfort and strength to our clients, knowing they are not alone through their journey. Our counselors have witnessed the blessing of this prayer support. We truly hope you will join us in supporting clients of CrossRoads, both financially and prayerfully. We promise that you will be blessed in return.

For further details, click on the Good Samaritan link

Prayer Partners
These individuals have committed to the power of prayer on behalf of a CrossRoads client and/or his or her counselor. Serving as a Prayer Partner is a powerful way of increasing the effectiveness of the counseling journey. Each CrossRoad client is assigned a Prayer Partner who will commit to upholding them in prayer for the duration of counseling. Prayer Partners will not know any client names or identifying information. Anyone interested in becoming a Prayer Partner should contact Office Manager, Wanda Trombley, at 989-652-0764.

Ministry Resources
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