“The benefits of choosing Christian counseling”

There are many benefits to Christian Counseling, but here are 5 benefits according to the Honey Lake Clinic, a Greenville, Florida based Christian Counseling center.   


1. Christian counseling recognizes a higher authority. 

While many counselors look to the latest trends and leading voices in psychology to find authority, Christian counselors know that the inerrant word of God provides principles that can lead clients to enjoy the abundant life Jesus spoke of in scripture. Counting on our own strength isn’t enough.    Whether you are a Christian or not, Christian counseling can help you realize you’re not traveling life’s journey alone.

2.   Christian counseling accepts absolute truth. 

While some counselors encourage their clients to listen to the guidance of their hearts and do what they think is right, Christian counselors know the human heart can be deceitful. Christian counselors encourage clients to apply the guiding principles and truths of God’s Word. Christian counselors will help you prioritize and achieve desired changes in your life against the backdrop of Biblical Truth.

3.   Christian counseling has a higher goal.

While many counselors help their clients in a pursuit of happiness, Christian counselors want to help clients in their pursuit of God and a meaningful and purposeful life. God’s unconditional love, mercy, grace and forgiveness are freeing.

4.   Christian counseling offers real healing.

Secular counseling is limited in addressing deep emotional and spiritual wounds. Christian counseling can bring the client into a closer relationship with God where real healing can take place.

5.   Christian counseling offers real hope. 

The Christian faith looks forward to a blessed hope—a wonderful eternity with God in heaven. There will be no pain and suffering there—only love, joy and peace. Gaining an eternal perspective, you will find hope for a beautiful and fulfilling life here and now.

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